About Sunburst RPG

photos of Paula Jakobs, owner of sunburst rpg

As a passionate Tabletop RPG nerd and a seasoned Dungeon Master, I have always loved the immersive experience that D&D miniatures and dungeon terrain bring to tabletop gaming. My fascination with this led me to explore 3D printing, starting with crafting terrain tiles and decorations for my own games. This hobby quickly blossomed into a thriving venture when I launched my Etsy shop, Miniature Town, in 2018.

Initially, Miniature Town was a part-time endeavor. However, the enthusiasm and support from the community transformed it into a full-time career. The shop rapidly grew, fueled by the increasing demand for my 3D printed miniatures. Despite the success, the complexity of maintaining the printers soon became overwhelming, prompting a shift in my creative journey.

I decided to channel my passion for design into print-on-demand products, focusing on t-shirts and mugs that resonate with D&D fans like myself. This led to the creation of a new Etsy shop, Sunburst RPG, in 2019, dedicated to D&D-inspired merchandise. The ability to work with a print-on-demand supplier has been liberating. It allows me to concentrate on the design aspect while offering a diverse range of designs, colors, and sizes without the inventory overhead. Sunburst RPG has thrived, amassing over 9,500 sales and consistently earning Etsy's Star Seller Badge for customer satisfaction.

In 2024, I took another significant step by launching this website. It serves as an independent platform where I can offer my designs more directly. I am excited about the opportunity to grow this shop and continue providing high-quality, creatively inspired products to fellow gamers and enthusiasts.

I look forward to what the future holds and am thrilled to share my passion with you through each piece I create. Here’s to many more adventures together!

Need to get in touch? Contact me at designs@sunburstweb.com or text me at 512-775-3150.